Phrase briefs

Angela Pinsent
Size: 183 cards
I can't
I don't
I know
I don't know
Do you know
I can't tell
I can't see
You had
He had
She had
They had
He is
She is
They are
You are
What are
When are
Where are
Where the
Where you
Do you say
Did you say
Do you believe
Did you believe
I don't believe
Isn't that right
Is that right
Is that correct
That is right
That's right
That is correct
That's correct
in the
on the
for the
from the
about the
about you
I can't find
I happen
you happen
you happened
you happen
you meant
you mean
how much
at the time
at that time
at this time
how fast
that you remember
did you see
did you say
where do you live
what is your name
what is your full name
what is your full name and address
where is
what is
that is
where do you reside (WRO*URDZ)
at the present time
in your own words (NO*URNDZ)
if I
we have
as we were (SWAO*ERP)

as you were (SO*URP)

would you tell
have you been
do you recall
if you recall
if you remember
and he said
I don't think
my name is (MA*EUPLZ)
at any time (T*NT)
at one time (TW*UNT)
how many times
how much time HO*UFPT
period of time
I can't ask YA*BGS
I can't be
I can't believe
I can't ever
I can't feel
did you ever
do you ever
I can't go
I can't have
I can't feel
I can't find
I can't see
I can't think
I can't understand
I can't recollect
I couldn't ask
I couldn't be
I couldn't ever
I couldn't feel
I couldn't find
I couldn't go
I couldn't have
I couldn't just
I couldn't know
I couldn't recall
I couldn't recollect
I couldn't see
I couldn't say
I couldn't think
I didn't ever
I didn't find
I didn't go
did you go
I didn't happen
I didn't mind
I didn't want
I'm sorry
and I say
and you say
can he say
can I say
did he say
did yous ay
do you say
if you say
if I say
that you say
they say
we say
where I say
where you say
when you say
which you say
and I see
and you see
can he see
could you see
must see
might see
could you see
can you see
when I see
when you see
whether you see
which you see
did he believe
did he mean
did he say
did he tell
did he want
did he know
did he ask
did he go
had you believed
had you ever
had you happened
had you meant
had you said
had you wanted
did you ever
do you ever
have you ever
in regard (NA*RD)
as a result

marked for identification (MO*IFD)
in your own words (NO*URDZ)
as you were (SO*URP)
Which is
what if anything (WHA*UFG)
would the
what you were
about how often (BO*UFN)
about how long (BO*ULG)
for the record (FO*RD)
from time to time (FRO*IPLT)
can you tell us KO*UTS
I couldn't go
current address
if you are
if you were
if you have
because of the
sole duty